About us

iBuilt construction company overview

iBuilt was founded in 2016 when a group of active directors in the civil engineering field decided to work together and create a construction company that provides a professional service to its clients.

The newly established company is a black female owned construction company that is registered with the GDB as Level 1 GBPE and CEPE and the NHBRC.

The newly established company is a dynamic engineering company with its focus on infrastructure development to provide innovative solutions to the complex challenges in the construction industry.

Business Approach

iBuilt have through its dynamic and innovative management structure as well as its qualified and trained staff compliment of professional, engineers and technicians the necessary skills to provide an exceptional quality product or service to its clients through innovation, integrity and efficiency.

Key Company Values

To ensure long term sustainability in iBuilt, we have established core values through the company structure of:

Transparency | Integrity | Quality | Innovation | Efficiency | Sustainability

Geographical Presence

iBuilt is a South African company based in Randburg that is capable to implement successful projects in all 9 provinces within the borders of South Africa and beyond.


iBuilt has the ability to deploy the resources necessary to meet the client’s requirements and to manage all risk effectively and to address any challenges that might arise to deliver exceptional quality.


With its intellectual capacity and resources, iBuilt is capable of implementing large turnkey solutions successfully for its clients”.